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11 Methods to Generate Solar Leads

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The solar industry is fueled by leads. Everyone wants more leads but most solar reps have no idea what to do to get more. Here are 11 methods that you should consider if you are looking to generate solar leads.

#1 Past Client Referrals

This is the bread and butter of all established solar professionals. Make sure that you maintain a relationship with all past customers so that you are able to stay on top of their mind when they are talking to people in their network. For more tips on getting referrals, watch this video that provides you with 9 tips to make sure that you are doing it right.

9 Tips for Better Referrals

#2 Cold Call, Buy data

Another classic sales tactic, cold calling is exactly what it sounds like. Go to a site like 411.com, search addresses and start calling!

This is an old school method that is affordable and provides you with unlimited opportunity if you are good on the phone. It is an absolute relentless grind but it is Free (other than phone line) and you are able to do it from anywhere.

This is probably my least recommended option on this list but if nothing else is possible then pick up the phone and start dialing!

#3 Content

Content is King.

Content is King. You need to make sure that you are always producing content that reminds people about what you do, who you help and why people should work with you. Don't over think it. Pictures of Beautiful Installs. Reviews from Happy Customers. Before/After Electric Bills. Educational videos/articles. Start posting consistently on all of your profiles and you will start to have people coming to you.

#4 Simple & Modern Website

Do you have to have a website? No you don't if we are being honest and your website will never be the #1 lead genrator for your business. However, It still works! Having a professional & modern website is a simple and easy step you can use to establish credibility and generate leads passively throughout the year. Keep it Simple and make sure that it is designed to generate leads. and has the following:

  • Strong Call to Actions.
  • Lots of Social Proof (testimonials, reviews etc)
  • Emphasis on Local Market
  • Friendly & Inviting About Page
  • Contact Us Info

#5 Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to advertise because you can pick the exact itnerests & characteristics of the people that you are looking to target. Facebook ads are relatively easy to get started with and can provide you with leads at fair prices One of my biggest recommendations for anyone venturing into Facebook ads is to begin creatign a swipe file. Screenshot every solar ad theat you ever find and you wil begin to notice trends and strategies that are owrking for other people. If you are a SolarBoom member then you can access our swipe file of 500+ solar ads from the main menu.

#6 YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are the most challenging to do on your own but it is still possible for a solar rep to manage and utilize in order to generate solar leads for themselves. These leads are probably my favorite because they are usually much more excited to talk to you then leads from other paid sources. YouTube ads work especially well if the sales rep is the same person that was in the ad that the person watched! They will be surprised that you are the one calling and it makes the conversation much more enjoyable. If you want to try YouTube ads, don't overthink it! Record a video using this trusted framework: 1) Hook: Why should they listen to you? Why should they care? Grab their attention in the first 3 seconds. 2) Tell the story. How does your program work and who are the people that are most likely to be in a position to take advantage. 3) Call To Action. Tell them what to do next and what they should expect. i.e. 'Click the button down below and you can take a short quiz to see if you qualify today.' Link the ad to your basic funnel or direct to your survey (DFY ones are provided with a SolarBOOM Membership) and then just wait for the traffic to role in.

#7 Google Ads

Why Google Ads?

  • Vast reach: Google processes 2 Trillion searches per year. That is A LOT of people searching for specific things and you are guaranteed that you will be able to find the people that are looking for solar if you set up your campaign properly.
  • You control the campaigns! You are in control the budget, the targeting & your total spend. Just like other online ad platforms, you have control over who your ads are shown to.
  • Getting quicker results: You publish a campaign on google ads ad it is possible that you can get calls as early as later today. It is super fast to get up and running because the ad itself isn't as complex to create as Facebook ads or YouTube ads.
  • Increased conversions: High Intent means that you are getting people who are ready to talk to someone. The conversion numbers will always be better with these types of customers.

Google ads are awesome because they are able to get high intent leads who are researching their solar purchase now! It is a great method to generate leads but usually not the most cost effective because the bidding it much more competitive for these high intent customers. Plus, if they are going to Google to search for solar they you are going ot be more likely to encounter 'price shoppers' who are calling every company under the sun to get the best deal.

#8 Tabling Event

There are hundreds of events in your market that are looking for companies to place a table at their even and provide information for their audience. Find the events in which are likely to attract homeowners and see how much it costs to have a table at their event. It is usually insanely cost effective and if you get one deal out of the event then you will easily cover your costs. Once you are committed to an event, start to brainstorm ways that you can make your table stand out from the rest. Giveaways, Prize Wheels, & other interactive tools are great at attracting people to your table and then you are able to start a conversation. Make sure that you have a clipboard to capture their name, email & phone number and then start collecting names of interested people. Always remember, they are interested in the BENEFITS of solar. Focus on that and don't make the conversation at the table to salesly.

#9 Networking & Partnerships

Network with other professionals who have relationships with your ideal customers. Provide them with value and then once the relationship is established, let them know exactly the type of people that you are looking for. Some of my favorite industries to create relationships with:

  • Roofing
  • Accountant
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage

If you are good friends with them then you may be able to get a good stream of referrals but if it a brand new relationship then I recommend that you compensate them with a referral commission to get them actively on your side.

#10 Knock Some Doors

I am a solar marketing guy. I love online leads as much as anyone but there is no better return on investment then if you are good at the door to door game. Practice and master this skill and you will always be able to generate leads. Other than your time it is completely FREE. Just pick a street and start knocking. Once you are good at knocking doors then hire others and train them to hit the doors on your behalf.

#11 Friends & Family

Maintain Your Personal Network and Work With it:

Do you friends and family know what it is that you do? Do they know what are the benefits of working with you? If not then you ae leaving money on the table. You want to make sure that everyone in your personal network considers you to be their 'solar guy/gal'. Create an army of people who have their ear's to the ground for you and you will get a steady flow of referrals. Remember: Friend's & Family want to help you! Just make sure they know how they can.

In Conclusion

Many people like to rush to online leads because it is an easy and predictable way to grow your business. If you are interested in generating leads for the first time then II strongly recommend that you consider the cheaper options that are on this list first. No matter what these will provide you with a solid foundation. Then when you look to online leads I also recommend that you look into a few different lead generation companies. Working with a professional marketer will save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

If you are interested in learning about SolarBOOM's industry leading performance based pricing model then please click here and let's book a call to discuss your business.

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