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Marketers Ruin Everything!

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Marketers Ruin Everything!

Always remember that.

As a business owner, it is easy to get excited about new marketing opportunities that seem like they are a goldmine.

The problem is that once someone finds something that works, hundreds of people come in and copy the same techniques.

The pricing goes up. The effectiveness goes down & the customers association with the brands will quickly sour.

Just take a look at robocalls.


5 years ago they weren't nearly as common and they were working insanely well! Customers didn't necessarily understand the true nature of the calls.

Marketers were making money with robocalls and the other marketers took notice.

Now... People are getting 5+ Robocalls per day and they despise them. Governments are moving to place limitations on them (and for good reason).

Because Marketers ruin everything!

Another real-world example is that of email.

Remember back in the day.... there was a time 15 years ago when people enjoyed receiving emails.


Our inboxes are flooded!

We have to have folders to sort our spam and it is nearly impossible to connect with prospects via email.

Marketers ruined it.

Now just to bring home the analogy let's compare it to gold mining...

If you are a miner in the mid-1800s and you found your own mining spot that is LOADED with potential wealth. Do you go and tell the whole town about it?

That wouldn't be smart.

Eventually, the other people are going to come in and ruin your good time... but we don't want to speed up the process!

Then once they do arrive, need to keep your eyes peeled for the next golden opportunity.


The two key takeaways that I hope business owners take away from this:

1) If you find something that works incredibly well then try not to share it with the world. Keeping it a secret will allow you to enjoy the benefits the longest.

2) Always keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunities. Nothing lasts forever!

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