written by
Kyle Thumm

Don't Be Shy About Your Business

Marketing Tips 1 min read

This marketing minute is simple and is based around a very simple question.

If you are not promoting your business to everyone that you meet, then how can you expect your customers to do the same?

Way too often I meet small business owners who have a huge fear of "annoying" people.

They don't want to post on social media. They don't want to tell people about special promotions. They don't want to tell people about their most recent job. They would prefer not to tell their customers about ANYTHING!

Not posting about your business is fine when business is going well, but what about when business is going poorly?

If you are more afraid of annoying people than you are about going out of business then we have to talk.

Your number one priority should be about growing your business. PERIOD.

Otherwise you are leaving opportunities on the table that could lead to you getting more customers.

Be proud of the work that you do and share it with people. If you annoy some people then who cares!

Look at it this way... at least that is another person in the world who knows about your business.